by kii.


A philosopher living in Tokyo.

Born in Osaka, Japan, he has been working as a freelance developer since 2013, creating web designs and applications.
He has also started working as a composer and writer, as well as a photographer and video producer.

In 2017, he began his career as an entrepreneur and is currently the president of two companies and a director of two others.

Currently, he is focusing on digital transformation and creative production in the interior design industry. And he aims to help children to live in a better world.

I’m tweeting, taking photos and writing my stories.

2013 ~ 2018 Freelance
2017 ~ Cocoru inc. / Founder, CEO
2017 ~ Certain Publisher / Board Member
2019 ~ 2020 Certain Creative company  / Creative Producer
2019 ~ monozuki / Founder, Producer
2020 ~ Certain Creative company / Co-Founded



2013 kii